Sunday, 28 February 2010


Yawn, just been too freakin lazy to blog recently..

Anyways, I just remembered I have a ModelMayhem account, so that's been updated with new info and new pics.

Check it out:

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Some people ask why I like it longer.

Is it so hard to fathom an answer to the question? Let me tell you why I like it longer.

A : Yo bro, why lah you keep asking people "Why I like it longer"?

Me : Bro, simple lah. Aren't most things always better when it's longer? As opposed to being thicker?

A : Right...

Me : But it's true isn't it? When it's longer, it's easier to handle. It can reach further back, deeper into wet trenches, it can seek out territory it has not explored.

A : Bro...

Me : Shush you, I'm not finished. Why DO I like it longer? Having it longer also means it's easier to source for "protection" when needed, to keep it warm and cosy, ready to do what it was made to do.

A : Ok.. Bro...

Me : Why do I like it long? When it's thick, it just gets in the way. It get's stuck at the entrance, "protection" is harder to find, and with both of those combined, it leads to a lot less "productivity". You gotta use it when it's young. When you're old and weak, it's hard to get it working again, and even when it does, it's not gonna be the same. I blame arthritis.

A : Erm.. Arthritis? There's no bone... Dude, stop talking about 18SX stuff lah wei..

Me : What bone / 18SX stuff? I was talking about my index finger, and how a longer finger makes it so much easier to dig my nose, fat fingers don't fit in nostrils, and makes it so much easier to find proper gloves in cold climates. A long finger can dig deeper, especially when you're eating dinner and you suddenly laugh, inhaling rice into your nose and it won't come out. Have you ever seen gloves for fat hands? Nuh uh, but gloves with extra long finger coverings? Sure! And that's Why I Like It Longer!

A : Can pengsan bro listening to you... >.< Me : Go ahead bro, then I can claim the LG Chocolate phone (BL40) from Nuffnang all for myself! AHAHAHAHA...

A : Uh...huh...?

Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas, The Start of Something New

It is nearly Christmas, and near the new year. We have all tried to do the best for the year, and many of us have failed, some repeatedly, some rarely. Things have changed, people have changed, some things start, some things end, but the most important thing is we tried. I tried. You're the most significant person I got to know this year, and probably will be for the foreseeable future.

You've changed how I see things, my whole perspective in life altered.

Was it so long ago when we all had hope? The economy crashed, some lost jobs, some got pay cuts, but in general we moved along. Sacrifices were made, some hastily, most after much consideration. The spirit of Christmas is lost. People give gifts expecting something in return, unlike the years past where we would be so happy just having the ability to even give! Is it truly so hard to believe that someone can do a good deed and not have an ounce of greed in them?

You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.

As Christmas rolls by, we might notice it but the new year has actually begun. We begin to plan for the new year, set goals, however outlandish they might be and work toward them. Christmas is when we start looking back on this past year and see what we have achieved, or lost.

I have lost a lot this past year, but I have to go on. You meant so much to me and although I do not to you, just knowing you're alive and healthy is more than I have hoped for. Your very existence keeps me smiling, daring myself to hope for the future. Even if there is a sliver of hope, I'm holding on to it.

Hope and love are mankind's two most basic needs we need to survive, and although you have never really gave the the latter, the former was present in abundance. The new year awaits us, and I can only hope that it gets better for here on.

No names are needed, you just know who you are =)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year girl! And to all my readers(non-existent as they may be), wish you got lots of presents to dig out from underneath the tree, and may this be a joyous occasion for everyone!

Cheers to a New Year!!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Photography? Or lepak at home FB'ing?

Ok fine, I've been away from my camera for quite awhile now, and I'm raring to get back to it, and to kick it off, probably wkhai's shoot thingy something something... I'm quite looking forward to it cos I believe it will challenge me to think in different creative ways to achieve the result I want.

But then again, I am worried that I do not live up to my own expectations and it would be a waste. But as always, challenging oneself to be better has always been my passion, and I have my own secret reasons to want to master photography =P

So will be a good day out (I hope =P ) after my exams, cos honestly, my exam schedule for this semester SUCKS!! Seriously! 5 papers all on 5 different days, ALL 2pm-5pm, the perfect time to fall asleep in class.. First 3 papers are on the first 3 days of the exam period, and the last 2 papers on the last 2 days..WATAFAK?? Babi betul... Can't even relax in between or have an early semester break... The unchanged schedule was FOUR papers in the first TWO days, and that leaves 1 paper somewhere in between.

That would've been better so I can holiday earlier and have an extended sem break but NO... They decided to drag my exams out for the whole duration of the exam period... Cis...

Ok back to photography... I shoot SOLELY with a 50mm f/1.8 on my THIRD HAND Canon 30D (woot!) cos I'm a cheapskate... Ok fine, it's actually the only lens I can afford at the moment >.< But whatever right? I got the lens cos I am only doing portraits now, and it forces me to think about composition more as I can't zoom in/out whenever want to. This wonderful prime lens (Canon's CHEAPEST and LIGHTEST lens....) has I believe, made me a slightly better photographer than before, although I'm nowhere near the level I want myself to achieve.

I've become so used to this lens that if you give me a kit lens for example, I would be stumped on how to fully utilise it... I just go "Huh what?" and then switch back to my 50mm =P And as a prime lens, my only zoom is my legs, and I can say for certain that getting u close with a short lens creates quite a different effect than zooming in tight with a telephoto lens. There's a sense of closeness zooming with your feet, a certain personal connection in the photograph.

But that's just my 2 cents.

Anyway.. That's all for now I guess. Till I have something more interesting to share.


Tuesday, 8 September 2009


From Blogger Pictures

This is my first ever attempt at a panaromic shot, so forgive me if it doesn't live up to expectations =)